Assistant Director


 Chris convinces his recently released brother Rick to take part in a robbery.

“This is going to work, I just need you to trust me.”

When two brothers make a grab for Freedom, they find themselves crossing both sides of the law. The result is a high stakes conflict as they battle for freedom, family and redemption.

The cast and crew… minus a few.

I was second assistant director on short film Freedom, a Firestick Films and Scuti Production directed by David Muggleton, produced by Nick Buckland and written by Thibul Nettle. It was a pleasure to work with Leonie Davey, the first assistant director and we made a fabulous team. A star studded cast, I had the pleasure of working with Marley Sharp and Tysan Towney and managed their movement orders from airports to hotels.

Shooting in a dusty warehouse, I was carefully monitoring health and safety. I also helped the team to prep for time sensitive matters, such as rigging pyrotechnics so that Leonie could focus on the coverage at hand.

This film has now screened in the Adelaide Film Festival – Made In SA shorts program. Stay up to date on potential future screenings by following the film’s Facebook page.

To pay or not to pay? A heated dispute.