Actor, Designer

A Tale of Two Tents

As part of the final year of my Undergraduate Degree, I got the opportunity to work with 16mm film. To learn how to use the medium we first got to make a short film using 100ft rushes as a practice. I designed and directed the short below.

After making this, we were prepared to move onto bigger things, the editor of Untitled Soul Search became the Director of A Tale of Two Tents (formerly Love and Love). I was the Production designer and was able to choose the location along with the Director and Producer.

The environment meant that the focus of my work was creating portable design that could be hauled into a conservation park. The main focus of the design was the colour palette. A distinct orange and blue contrast was established in the campsite setting (this meant finding an orange and a blue tent!). Yellow was the neutral colour, on the lush green backdrop of Brownhill Creek. I was thrilled to get to see how eye catching this palette looked, especially when captured on 16mm.