A Short Film About Kissing

A Short Film About Kissing was created as Jordan Pollock’s Honours film in 2015. As the Producer, I was present from the writing stage of the film during which time I witnessed first drafts.

As the film grew and progressed I organised Auditions and casting, locations, extras, and much more. For this to come together I had to learn a lot of new skills including how to get council and conservation park permits for shoots and do comprehensive risk assessments.

The main hurdle was that University Policy dictated that the shoot was to be a maximum of 4 days with a half day for the pick up shoot. This meant that I had to squeeze 6 locations into a very short production period. Indeed, the beach scene and the desert scene had to be filmed walking distance from one another, the beach on the foreshore and the desert in the dunes behind.

The film was nominated for Best Drama and Best Production Design in the South Australian Screen Awards in 2016.

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